About us

Linen towel and vegan muffins

Firera is a sustainable and vegan home decor and lifestyle store offering high-quality, long-lasting and environmentally friendly products for a conscious home.

Our story

As a small family business, we began with our own textiles collection – Linen by Firera – with every item designed and lovingly handmade by my mother, Kati.


All of our products are inspired by the stunning Estonian countryside surrounding our family farmhouse and our love for natural, sustainable, and slow living. We use only pure linen fabric to ensure that all of our products are high quality, long-lasting and gorgeous pieces, which help bring beauty and harmony into our homes and lives while being environmentally friendly. Linen is a material that we have cherished as a family for generations and are extremely proud to share with you.

In the last year, fuelled by our passion and deeper understanding of sustainability and ethical living, we have developed and introduced beautiful, stylish, natural zero-waste items to our growing range. We have also begun collaborating with other talented makers to showcase further sustainable materials and products in the store.


Originally established in Estonia in 2016, Firera expanded and started to sell internationally. Maria (that’s me) now manages the store and worldwide shipping of orders from our base here in the UK.

Our name

FIRERA was created as a name to reflect our values and intentions – fair + era. We believe in a fair world, for the planet, the people, and the animals for now and future generations.


Our aim is to offer sustainable, environmentally friendly, ethical and cruelty-free products, to help people live more intentionally.

Our home: the conscious home concept

For us, creating a conscious home means a balance between beauty, design, practicality, and sustainability.


Our perfect home is a sanctuary from the stresses of modern-day life:

 - A place of calm, somewhere to unwind, relax, slow down, and feel truly comfortable.

 - A space mindfully created from natural, yet cruelty-free materials, free from synthetics and pollutants.


We believe in using a blend of simple, soft tones, textures, and eco-friendly materials, in a way that mimics nature, will help you stay connected with mother earth. It can also create a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere with a feeling of serenity, even in the busiest of homes.


We hope, that through our considered range of products we can help you build this healthy, happy and harmonious home.

Our future

We now have a studio in the lovely Lakeland town of Ambleside. You will be able to collect your orders from our studio from now on (date and time would need to be agreed beforehand) and we are also holding studio open days from time to time. Please keep an eye on our Instagram for the latest updates. It would be wonderful to meet with our lovely customers.


Join us on our journey into mindful and slow living for a better future for our planet and one another.




Our Ambleside studio: Unit B, 101 Lake Road, Ambleside, LA22 0DB
firera studio in Ambleside.jpg