Linen and Linen Care

Linen is a superb, sustainable material, made from the fibers of the flax plant, which
is fast-growing and grows relatively easily, requiring minimal water and resources. In
Europe, Lithuanian grown and woven linen is highly regarded for its quality. Linen
textiles and garments have been used for centuries making it one of the oldest
materials in the world.

Linen is very strong, highly absorbent and quick-drying (it dries faster than cotton).
It is also naturally antistatic, antibacterial and antimicrobial making it the ideal
material for towels, blankets and even clothing. It provides exceptional coolness in
hot and humid weather, as well as warmth in colder conditions.
The material is lightweight and can be packed very small, making it perfect for
everyday use but also great for travel. It is also soft and gentle to the touch, making
it a joy to use.

We love linen, and we hope you will love it too!

Our Linen

The main fabric used for our linen collection is the finest quality pure European linen,
made by a Lithuanian company that is a MASTERS OF LINEN® Certified company.
100% MADE IN EUROPE, from field/fiber to yarn to fabric. Following sustainable
production, respecting the environment, social ethics, and a low carbon footprint.
Mindful to continue developing and improve, our latest items (our tea towels and tote bags) are made of Oeko-Tex certified linen and we will
continue to use these two sources for all of our future projects too.
The linen fabric we use is pre-washed to minimise the risk of shrinkage and will
become even softer and more absorbent with each further wash.

Linen Care

To keep your linen items looking their best, and to last for many years to come
please follow these simple care instructions. These are applicable to all of our linen
products unless stated otherwise on the individual product page.


 Machine wash gently on a cool wash (40°C / 104°F) and with similar colours.

 Do not use fabric conditioner, as this will reduce its absorbency

 Do not use bleach.


 For best results, we recommend leaving your linen to dry naturally.

Using the tumble-drier will weaken the fibers and may cause shrinkage.

 Whilst we love the natural crumpled look, if desired, iron on a high heat.

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