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Linen by Firera – our linen collection

Handmade in Estonia, each piece is designed and lovingly created by our very own
Kati. For us, handicrafts have been a passion passed down through each generation
of our family. Kati has enjoyed handicrafts all her life; learning the skills from both
from her mother and school, as back then it was as much a necessity as it was a
pleasure. Even today, although not used so much now, Kati still has her first ever
crochet hook and an old Singer sewing machine from the 50s!

Peralta & Co® – artisan rugs

Handmade in Spain, each rug is created by artisans; and based on sustainable and
conscious practices, preserving the local high quality craft and traditional techniques.
Made from natural Jute fibre, free from chemical colouring and treatment, and
naturally dyed using herbs and plants their rugs are 100% natural, ecological &

Wooden Chopping Board Company – handcrafted chopping boards

Handmade in England with exceptional craftsmanship, using only FSC-certified
sustainably sourced timber. A company embracing sustainable practices throughout
the business all of their products are sent in recycled and recyclable packaging (that
we then reuse for our shipping). They even plant a tree for each board sold!

Studio CN – ceramic soap dishes

Handmade in Scotland by Cathleen, a very talented Swedish artist and designer.
The beautiful and practical soap dishes are custom designed for us, using a blend of
natural materials, soft colours and a clean minimalistic style. Each piece is
individually handcrafted, not factory manufactured, making them one of a kind

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