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A day in Edinburgh

It is easy to have exciting and happy days when you live in a city like Edinburgh. Even after spending nearly a year here, there is still a lot to discover and we're still in awe of all of the beauty that can be found here. We tried to capture some of it today as we enjoyed a long walk through some of our favourite areas. Come along for a little journey!

Our walks usually start with passing this gorgeous flower shop called Pollination. Feeling the temptation to step in and choose something for our home each time!

We always choose the quiet canalside walk to get to the city and often stop to enjoy the peace, quiet and pretty views for a moment.

I carried our new linen tote bag with me today (and a small linen blanket inside it just in case we were in a mood for a picnic). Surely, this will be my go-to bag this spring/summer!

We wandered around for a couple of hours and then decided to do some shopping so that we could try one of our favourite recipes again once we get home. We needed oatmeal, apples and rhubarb. Oatmeal was easy - we went to Real Foods first as we knew that they have different types of oatmeal to buy package free. We used one of our linen pouch bags made from fabric scraps (the ones that we use to package your online orders too) to go for the zero waste option. The sweet girl at the checkout complimented the bag which made us think that maybe we should offer these bags as part of our zero waste collection. Would you like that?

After Real Foods, we wanted to visit The Eco Larder and The Refillery (zero waste shops) but both were closed today. Luckily, we had recently found another gem, Dig In, a community greengrocer in Bruntsfield.

I could easily fit a small waffle linen blanket and everything we bought in the linen tote which made me very happy. A perfect bag for a long day outside!

We got apples and we got rhubarb, so it was time to head home to make apple and rhubarb crumble. You can find the recipe here (it's with apples only, but we just used 50/50 with rhubarb).

It came out absolutely delicious and was very satisfying after our long walk.

So such was our day - I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of what Edinburgh has to offer.

The products featured in today's posts are:

Linen tote bag

Linen mesh produce bag

Fair Greige linen blanket

Bright Blue linen kitchen towel

Our adventures in Scotland will continue for another month, as we are happy to announce that we will move to Sheffield in June! Until then, we'll make the most out Edinburgh and the surrounding areas and make sure to share our experiences and adventures here too.

Thank you for reading and until next time!



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