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Indoor Air Quality: 3 things to know

The quality of the air that we are breathing in at home is definitely something to think about, especially now that we are staying indoors for longer than before. I have found some great resources about the topic of indoor air quality, and amongst those is a website called Healthy House on the Block ( I contacted Amanda, who is the author of the site, and she kindly agreed to share her knowledge about indoor air quality with our customers.

Before we dive in, Amanda is a true green living expert, a certified building biology practitioner, and a licenced home inspector. She shares more advice on her own blog, so I highly recommend having a look!

Here are three things that everyone would benefit from knowing about indoor air quality, beautifully written by Amanda:

,, 1. We introduce A LOT of toxins, pesticides, bacteria and viruses to our indoor living spaces through wearing our shoes indoors. What’s even worse is that some of these toxins end up in our home’s dust and stick around for a LONG time before ever leaving. Creating a space that can hold shoes, coats, purses and bags by the front door is the best way to ensure that we avoid bringing all those toxins into our homes.

2. Synthetic fragrances reduce air quality by a large margin. Any item you bring into your home that has man-made fragrances in it also has a plethora of chemicals. These chemicals don’t have to be disclosed to us, the consumers, due to trade secret laws. Basically, the scent concoction they’ve put together is protected so no one else can copy it. By removing anything with synthetic fragrances in it from your home, you’ll be drastically improving the indoor air quality. Think of air fresheners, cleaners, upholstery sprays, candles and wax melts as a few of the places synthetic fragrances live.

3. Our homes get VERY little fresh air, which contributes to poor indoor air quality. Not all that long ago, our homes were built less efficiently and there were spots where air travelled out of our house and into our house constantly. Today, our homes are often so energy efficient, we have very little fresh air coming into our homes and we’re trapping the toxic air inside our homes. By opening windows on a regular basis and using your house fan to push air around, we can create more air exchanges between our indoor air and the fresh outdoor air ourselves. It’s important to dilute the toxic air inside our house as well as push the toxins from inside to outside. ''

I hope this information was useful for you! You can find out more at and

Stay well & healthy!



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