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Introducing Peralta & Co

Even before we had a clear vision about the expansion of our store, we fell in love with a brand from Spain that we stumbled upon on Instagram. It's their gorgeous designs and natural style that immediately caught my eye, and as soon as I got to know Marta, the person behind Peralta & Co, I knew that a great collaboration is born. Peralta & Co is the first brand we added into our store next to our products and having such a beautiful connection with another brand was what helped us to further develop our vision of a vegan and eco-friendly home and lifestyle store. I asked Marta a couple of questions about her work so that you could get to know her and her amazing brand a little bit better.

How and why did you start Peralta & Co?

Well, I believe that in life things do not just happen, everything has its own motive and purpose. Getting carried away by this intuition is what often drives a new project, and that's how it was in my case too.

I have a sustainable jewelry brand that is supported by a very marked philosophy regarding the ecological, vegan and fair-trade aspects of production. My passion for this lifestyle is latent, and I decided to leave my career as a lawyer behind to convey my passion for design and love for nature in every aspect of my life.

It was time to decorate my first house and I truly believe in the concept of home as a space where we can feed our mind and heart through senses, surrounding ourselves with harmony in a relaxed atmosphere, and where we feel in tune with our environment and with ourselves. I couldn't find the pieces that I wanted to accompany me and my family in our home from Spain easily. It was difficult to find items that combined design, beauty, and sustainability, or something with which I connected. And this is how Peralta & Co, and the concept of a slow home bloomed. Contemporary and timeless home decor based in Spanish craftsmanship and Mediterranean vegetal fibers, where design goes hand-in-hand with sustainability.

What do you love the most about working with natural fibers?

Natural fibers create an organic aesthetic in symbiosis with nature. The texture, presence, and the feeling that Mother Nature kindly offers us creates unique, unrepeatable pieces. No two items are ever exactly the same, and this is what appeals to me the most about using natural materials.

We live and have the studio in a small town of Spain surrounded by wheat fields, decadent facades, and sylvan vegetation. This has undoubtedly been the basis of our inspiration and signature collections at Peralta & Co. Aragón is known for its delicate craftsmanship with natural fibers and processes that have been inherited from parents to children. And this is a gift to us from our grandparents as well. We respect and honor this heritage, and we would never like these traditions to get lost.

Contributing to a better world gives meaning to our work as we only use sustainable and natural materials, with the finest finishes, creating spaces that nurture people from all over the world, and we feel really happy for this recognition. I believe that living consciously and taking care of our planet is everyone's task.

What is the best part of your job?

My job is my passion, my lifestyle and what I really believe in. So the best part of my job is the job itself, all the people I get to meet, with whom to share and grow, like you Maria, and all the daily learning. Knowing that something you designed with all your heart is travelling to New York, to Melbourne or to London for someone's home is really exciting, and I like to personally thank everyone who has supported us with a card written in my own handwriting.

I am convinced that loving what you do and following what you are passionate about fills your soul with happiness.

What are the challenges you have had to work through in building your own brand?

Creating your own brand is a challenge itself. In my case, Peralta & Co is the culmination of the second brand I built under the same philosophy and principles.

There are innumerable challenges to face on a daily basis, but the most difficult thing I have had to do is to restart this project from the beginning. But thanks to that, now it is what it is, and I understand that time makes you see situations from a different perspective and look at them with a smile. All of that allows you to not only to grow as a brand but as a person too. And I faithfully believe that there is "something" that rewards hard work, good intentions... you are the energy that surrounds you, and that you create.

We have to be grateful for all the situations and challenges that have happened in our lives and for all the people who have passed through them. Everything adds up. And I always encourage everyone who has an idea, creativity, but above all willpower, to undertake their own path.

What does your typical workday at Peralta & Co look like?

Our day to day is quite busy; periods of developing new collections (like now) are like an explosion of creativity and ideas to translate into a design. It then requires care and love to get the shape of a prototype, which will be improved about twenty times to get exactly the idea that I had in mind. Additionally, there is all the social media work, orders, website management, photos... and our other business too!

Working with natural fibers requires some extra effort too. Our mission is to preserve its organic aesthetic and natural essence. For that reason, many times a concrete design cannot be conducted or needs to be reconsidered.

Please share your favourite quote to live by.

I would like to share Peralta & Co's mantra, which is beautiful and inspiring in itself, but also resembles a wish for a better world: "We do not see nature with our eyes, but with our understandings and our hearts" - William Hazlitt

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed getting to know one of our favourite brands. For more information about their work, have a look at their website: and keep an eye on their gorgeous Instagram: Our store currently stocks four of their natural jute rugs, but there is definitely more to come in the future. See our selection of Peralta & Co's rugs here.


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