A selection of beautiful & durable stainless steel lunchboxes from just 300 ml to 2 l capacity to fit a range of different foods.  


Our collection includes:


A small screw-top canister - 300 ml. Raisins, biscuits, yoghurt, this container is perfect for carrying and storing the little things in life and it fits inside the Elephant Box so you can keep your biscuits separate from your sarnies. The snug screw top is a reassuring bonus, and it fits neatly inside the large screw-top canister.


A large screw-top canister - 500 ml. Ideal for salads and all kinds of snacks,  the same style as the small screw-top canister.


2 in 1 lunchbox - 800 ml + 250 ml. A slimline lunchbox perfect for a bigger lunch, with an added little 250 ml snack pod that fits snugly inside to create 2 sections for your lunch. 


The Elephant box - 2 l. You can meal prep, store, cook and eat with the Original Elephant Box. Big beautiful and multifunctional: With a 2 litre capacity the Elephant Box is a lunchbox big enough for a healthy packed lunch. It's deep enough to pack a round of sarnies and plenty more! It's also brilliant for food storage in the fridge and freezer. When it comes to heating your food, its oven safe to 240 degrees.


All of the boxes are made with 100% 204 grade stainless steel, leak-resistant, lightweight & durable, dishwasher & freezer safe.

Elephant Box Stainless Steel Lunchboxes

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