Embrace sustainable living and enjoy shopping for delicious fruits and vegetables in an environmentally friendly manner, with one of our reusable produce bags. Alternatively, use it as a stylish day bag for picnic or beach days.


The large mesh bags fit one of our small linen blankets, a water bottle, and some fruit for a little picnic, or lots of fruit and vegetables from the farmers market.


The last photo shows our original lightweight drawstring mesh bag, the new edition medium size mesh bag, and the large mesh bag with a shoulder strap for style comparison.


Large Linen Mesh Produce Bag

£16.50 Regular Price
£14.03Sale Price
  • Wash the bags in low temperature (40 °C /104 °F) and let them air dry.
    Machine wash gently at 40 °C (104 °F) and leave to air-dry, do not tumble dry.

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