Marseille Soap Bar is an all-natural multi-purpose soap. This unique soap has been produced by La Corvette in Marseille, France since 1894, following a traditional manufacturing process of cooking the soap in large open-air pots. Completely free from synthetic additives, the soap bar does not pollute the environment and water, in particular. Due to its high content of sea salt and the special manufacturing process, the soap can last up to six months.


Bicarbonate of soda has been added to the traditional soap to make it even better for washing the dishes or laundry, removing stains from clothes, carpets or furniture, and general household cleaning. 


Ingredients: 70% Organic Olive Oil, 30% Organic coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda, sea salt. Approved by ECOCERT.


Weight: 200g. Package free.

Organic Marseille Soap Bar for Cleaning