A 10-pack of beautiful reed straws handmade in Estonia. Each pack contains 5 small (15 cm) and 5 regular (20 cm) straws + a cleaning brush. 


The straws all have their own unique colour and pattern, naturally created by the elements. They can be reused over and over again, simply wash them in the dishwasher and/or use the little cleaning brush provided. If the straws are allowed to completely dry between uses, they can last several months (or even years!). At the end of their lifetime, they will decay completely.


Suckõrs reed straws are made exclusively from reed that grows naturally on the shores of Estonia. After the reed has been sustainably harvested, it is processed into the straws without the use of any additives. Harvesting reed cleans up coastal areas and improves the growth conditions of other species. The raw material is natural and quickly renewable, and when processed responsibly, items made of reed are fully biodegradable, maintain high functionality, and lessen the global waste pollution caused by the use of synthetic materials.

Reed Straw Set

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