The days of single-use gift bags and wrapping paper can finally come to an end. This beautiful, natural, linen gift bag looks stunning with its simple, minimalistic design. Plus, unlike cardboard and plastic gift bags, which rarely get reused and often cannot be recycled, it can be reused over and over again without any noticeable wear and tear.

Handmade from grey, Oeko-Tex linen, it truly is a high-quality item that is strong, durable and washable, so it can be used endless times. This means that the recipient can choose to reuse the linen bag for gifting or simply keep and use it as a stylish storage solution in the home.

The linen has been treated with a completely natural potato starch solution to create the stiffness in the fabric and make it sturdier. 

Could this be the epitome of sustainable gifting? We certainly like to think it’s a fantastic start!

Reusable Linen Gift Bags

  • Machine wash gently at 40 °C (104 °F) and with similar colours.
    For best results, we recommend air-drying all of our linen products to ensure their long-lasting beauty. Do not tumble dry.
    Iron on a high heat.

    The bag will become softer after washing but can still be used the same way.

  • Small = 23x17x10 cm (23cm height x 17cm width x 10 depth) 
    Suitable for gifting face/kitchen towel, soap dish and soaps, candles, small plant etc.

    Large = 30.5x25.5x10 cm (30.5cm height x 25.5cm width x 10 cm depth)
    Suitable for bath towel, plant, food/drink, hardback books etc.