Business principles

With sustainability firmly at the heart of the business, every decision, when
designing and creating our own products or collaborating with other makers,

- The sourcing and composition of materials
- The durability of the end products
- Impact on the environment and animals
- Social responsibility of the companies.

We ensure that every single item that we stock, from both our own collection and
other makers, is sustainable and adheres to each of these principles, so you can shop
in absolute confidence.

Minimal impact

We work hard to minimise our impact on the planet and aim to offset the resources
used by giving back. We are continually learning and working on ways to improve and endeavor to always do our best. We are open to any feedback or suggestions
that you may have, so please feel free to get in touch.


In addition to using European and sustainably sourced Oeko-Tex linen, each of our home textile products at Linen by Firera is handmade with precision and great care to use all of the fabric we have and minimise wastage. Any leftover pieces of fabric are used to make linen bags for package-free shopping, giving gifts, storing herbs or such.

Also, every product that we stock is cruelty-free and vegan. We care deeply for all
living beings and whilst we love natural materials, rest assured these will never be of
animal origin (silk, wool, beeswax, etc.)

Shipping and packaging

All orders are shipped and packaged 100% plastic-free using recycled or reused paper and cardboard and paper tape. Whilst we prefer our products to be packaged minimally we occasionally use the linen bags made from leftover pieces (if available in a suitable size) to package our online orders. In the UK, parcels are sent and delivered by Royal Mail, rather than other couriers, as we believe using a service already delivering door-to-door is more sustainable than one making specific journeys.

Providing for the future

We see giving something back to nature and the planet as an important part of our
role here at Firera. We believe it shows gratitude for what we’ve been provided
with and ensures future resources for generations to come.
We also love spending time in nature; it can be such an uplifting experience,
reducing feelings of stress and anxiety and opening our minds and finding clarity.
We hope to inspire more people to get out and reap these benefits too.

Back home in Estonia, we are actively planting trees on a small piece of land to
create a beautiful forest. We’re adding to the vegetation already there, using the
same species of trees, to extend the area for wildlife. The lower ground is mostly
birch trees, whilst higher up it is pine trees, providing a wonderful mix of deciduous
and evergreen flora.

We hope to be able to participate in a similar project here in the UK, so follow us for
future updates.

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